Tavantak Jam Co.

is one of the manufacturers of Submersible pumps for improving the quality and quantity of products to increase the level of customer satisfaction and focus on customer orientation.

About Us

About Us

Tavantak Jam was established  1983  with  the purpose of manufacturing for agricultural implements and water pumps and in the first step,design a submersible pump planned and produced High quality and  compliance with standards and extensive research led to the production from workshop to factory and diversity a product  to multiple products and   find many applications,as far as the product has found a good market in European  countries  as  well   as   between domestic and industrial consumers.


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Factory Address: No 25; Fatemian St; Azadegan Blu; Shahriar; Tehran; Iran

Tell: +98-21-65684041

Shop Address: No 355; Fakhraie Al; South Saadi St; Tehran; Iran

Tell: +98-21-33930480

Email: info@tavantak.ir